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Logo of the Pilots4U Database

The Pilots4U Database[1] groups all European open access bio-economy pilot- and multipurpose demo facilities under one, very visible and easily accessible network.

History and structure

Initially in the network was built on six existing bio-economy pilot or multipurpose demo-infrastructure networks: Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP), VTT (ERIFORE), Royal Institute of Technology KTH (BRISK2), Swansea University (Enalgae), Ghent University (Biorefine Cluster Europe) and NNFCC (as secretary of the BioPilotsUK initiative). The cluster organisation CLIC Innovation represented industry that contributed in cash to the project. The European Regions Research and Innovation Network with 125 member regions will attract interested European stakeholders (infrastructure owners and users) to get involved in the project, and NNFCC, the bio-economy consultant, is a professional, independent consultant who will lead the study.

Listed technologies with partial relevance to biowaste utilisation

The following list provides direct links to all technologies that are listed on the Pilots4U Database which have a slightly different scope. The technologies on Pilots4U might have a different categorisation than the categories of Tech4Biowaste. Links to the Pilots4U Database will be implemented on individual pages of Tech4Biowaste once the relevance is given to provide further information for the user.


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