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TECH4BIOWASTE – A DYNAMIC DATABASE OF RELEVANT TECHNOLOGIES OF BIO-WASTE UTILISATION The Tech4Biowaste project provides the bio-based industry with a complete overview of existing and emerging technologies for biowaste utilisation and valorisation. The technology database contain up-to-date information and is accessible to everybody. It will be helpful for a large number of stakeholders in and after the project duration and will provide information and technical details on the technologies for interested stakeholders and provide a platform for technology providers to show innovative technologies.

This Wiki collects and showcases technologies for the utilisation of bio-wastes. Find out more.

Database content

The filling of the database is an ongoing process (wiki-style) and will also be done after the project ends. The first focus is on the description and factsheets for the technologies of bio-waste conversion as listed below.

Feedstocks Technologies Products
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Food waste
Garden and park waste


Energy and fuels
Food ingredients

How to work with the wiki

The Tech4Biowaste wiki provides information on technologies to utilise biowastes and showcases technology providers. There are several ways to use the wiki depending on your needs. If you are searching for technologies you can use the integrated search on the top of this page but you also can use some tools provided by the consortium.

The decision support tool (DST) will help technology searchers to find a suitable technology to process specific feedstocks into specific products.

The glossary gives an overview on terms used in the area of biowaste utilisation and it only includes small paragraphs and definitions on the listed topics.

On the technology pages you also will find you will find a description of the specific technologies available together with profiles of the different technology providers. The section for the technology providers starts with a technology comparison table to identify suitable technologies for different types of biomass (example on anaerobic digestion).

For help and manuals see the manuals category and/or take a look into the user guide and tutorial videos. For any further needed assistance please mailto:[email protected]

Where we are

The project under which the database was set-up and populated formally ended on 31 March 2023. However, the project partners are committed for years to come to continue providing support to technology providers that seek to add their data to the technology database.

Want to get involved?

You can actively contribute to this database by implementing your technology and company profile as well as writing on the articles. If you are not familiar with working in Wiki-environments we will offer “How-to-Wiki” training sessions on a regular base. Please contact us under: mailto:[email protected]

The database content will be determined jointly with actors across the bio-waste value chain. Technology searchers can analyse and compare bio-waste valorisation technologies.