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Structure and content of a company profile

The structure and content of a typical company profile can be accessed via this link. The company profiles are sorted alphabetically by company name in Chapter 4 ("Technology providers") of the corresponding technology page, please ensure the correct order and position to insert your company profile. A company profile begins with the company name formatted as "Sub-Heading 1" followed by the technology provider infobox for which templates are already prepared for each technology. After the infobox a coherent text should be implemented including obligatory, preferred, and optional information.

User guide and tutorial videos

The user guide will assist to add company profiles and technologies to the technology comparison tool. Furthermore, tutorial videos are available which can be accessed below:

Where to add your company technology profile

How to add your company technology profile

How to edit your data in the technology profile


For your convenience and a more formal structure of the technology provider infoboxes, we have prepared some templates that can be used (acessible through the WYSIWYG visual editor via Insert->Template or via a text-string):

Technology Template String
Ammonia fibre expansion Template:Infobox provider-ammonia fibre expansion {{Infobox provider-ammonia fibre expansion}}
Anaerobic digestion Template:Infobox provider-anaerobic digestion {{Infobox provider-anaerobic digestion}}
Biocomposite processing Template:Infobox provider-biocomposite processing {{Infobox provider-biocomposite processing}}
Centrifugation Template:Infobox provider-centrifugation {{Infobox provider-centrifugation}}
Chromatography Template:Infobox provider-chromatography {{Infobox provider-chromatography}}
Coating and lamination Template:Infobox provider-coating and lamination {{Infobox provider-coating and lamination}}
Composting Template:Infobox provider-composting {{Infobox provider-composting}}
Crystallisation and precipitation Template:Infobox provider-crystallisation and precipitation {{Infobox provider-crystallisation and precipitation}}
Densification Template:Infobox provider-densification {{Infobox provider-densification}}
Distillation Template:Infobox provider-distillation {{Infobox provider-distillation}}
Drying Template:Infobox provider-drying {{Infobox provider-drying}}
Enzymatic processes Template:Infobox provider-enzymatic processes {{Infobox provider-enzymatic processes}}
Extraction Template:Infobox provider-extraction {{Infobox provider-extraction}}
Field-Flow fractionation Template:Infobox provider-field-flow fractionation {{Infobox provider-field-flow fractionation}}
Flocculation Template:Infobox provider-flocculation {{Infobox provider-flocculation}}
Gas fermentation Template:Infobox provider-gas fermentation {{Infobox provider-gas fermentation}}
Gasification Template:Infobox provider-gasification {{Infobox provider-gasification}}
Heterogeneous catalysis Template:Infobox provider-heterogeneous catalysis {{Infobox provider-heterogeneous catalysis}}
Hydrolysis Template:Infobox provider-hydrolysis {{Infobox provider-hydrolysis}}
Hydrothermal processing Template:Infobox provider-hydrothermal processing {{Infobox provider-hydrothermal processing}}
Industrial fermentation Template:Infobox provider-industrial fermentation {{Infobox provider-industrial fermentation}}
Insect farming Template:Infobox provider-insect farming {{Infobox provider-insect farming}}
Ionic liquids Template:Infobox provider-ionic liquids {{Infobox provider-ionic liquids}}
Membrane filtration Template:Infobox provider-membrane filtration {{Infobox provider-membrane filtration}}
Microwave treatment Template:Infobox provider-microwave treatment {{Infobox provider-microwave treatment}}
Oxidation Template:Infobox provider-oxidation {{Infobox provider-oxidation}}
Sieving Template:Infobox provider-particle classification, sieving {{Infobox provider-particle classification, sieving}}
Polymerisation Template:Infobox provider-polymerisation {{Infobox provider-polymerisation}}
Pulping and fractionation Template:Infobox provider-pulping {{Infobox provider-pulping}}
Pyrolysis Template:Infobox provider-pyrolysis {{Infobox provider-pyrolysis}}
Sample (for test-purposes) Template:Infobox provider-sample {{Infobox provider-sample}}
Sizing Template:Infobox provider-sizing {{Infobox provider-sizing}}
Solid state fermentation Template:Infobox provider-solid state fermentation {{Infobox provider-solid state fermentation}}
Steam explosion Template:Infobox provider-steam explosion {{Infobox provider-steam explosion}}
Textile fibre spinning Template:Infobox provider-textile fibre spinning {{Infobox provider-textile fibre spinning}}
Torrefaction Template:Infobox provider-torrefaction {{Infobox provider-torrefaction}}
Ultrasonication Template:Infobox provider-ultrasonication {{Infobox provider-ultrasonication}}